Bookmaker’s Offices in the Republic of India

Description: In this article, you will learn all the basic information about the bookmakers that provide their activities to the territory of India, to the residents or persons who are in the Republic of India. Read on and find out everything you are interested in!

General Information

Bookmakers are in constant competition with each other these days and every month they present new promotions or bonuses that help them get a new audience, that help raise the company’s rating among competitors and in general raise the performance of their business. Thanks to the introduction of a new bookmaker every year or several times a year, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the “old-timers” to remain at the same level of popularity.

Online Betting and the Law

Bookmaker offices cannot operate and supply their services to countries without obtaining a permit to provide this type of activity. Each company gets a personal license, which applies to the territory of the countries from which it accepts players.

Moreover, an individual agreement is signed with each country, or more precisely, with its government, to provide services. India is no exception! Each player from India can not worry about violating at least one law of the country. The same applies to any country where the platform operates. The full text of the license, as well as the individual clauses relating to each country, can be found by the user through the company’s license number.

The company’s license number can be found on the official website, or in the “Legality” section. There will be all the obligations and rights of the company and the players to whom the company provides services.

Protection of Personal Information

Protection is one of the main principles of online betting companies. All betting companies try to protect the data of their users as much as possible! To begin with, the company website is protected by one of the best data protection programs in the world – SSL encryption. This program allows only a limited number of people to have access to the data, no third party can have access to the information you enter on the website, your actions on it, let alone the results of your bets.

And what about the money? – You may ask. We will tell you that all transactions and money transfers are also protected by SSL encryption, but at a different level (the security system has 3 levels). Even some banks use Level 3 to protect customer data. Also, each company chooses its way of protection, we have given you only one example among dozens of others.

Passing the second stage of registration or identity verification is a method of safe use of your account and prevention of fraud among platforms. After completing the registration on the platform’s website, you will receive a letter from the company’s security service, which will include a form for filling in your data and an offer to provide (the obligation) one of the types of identity documents: passport, driver’s license, national ID card.

After sending the data and a scan or photos of documents – wait for a response from the support service. During verification, your account (or the ability to withdraw funds) will be blocked. The time of verification varies from 24 to 72 hours. This is done to eliminate dishonest players who use more than one account on the platform, or if they see suspicious activity on your account (not at your usual time), the support service will thus identify the cheater and block his IP on all their platforms.

Bookmaker’s offices may leave only one method for withdrawal – bank transfer. This action, too, is solely aimed at providing security to their customers. With a bank transfer, the protection of your transaction is shifted to the bank you use. And other offices use the same protection system used by banks, they spend large sums to maintain such a system, as well as the salaries of developers and IT workers to provide their players with the most favorable offer for the protection of personal data.

Mobile App

A player does not have the opportunity to sit at the table all day and use the website via PC or laptop. So what to do? A mobile app is the best solution to this problem. Most bookmakers provide their customers with their own personally developed mobile app, which is usually compatible with all phone systems – Android or IOS. The app has the same extensive functionality as the bruiser website.

If a company hasn’t already introduced its mobile app to players, it is sure to provide the option of using a mobile version of the website, which is optimized even for older versions of the device. If you have an older processor, don’t worry, you will see the graphics or visibility of the game window for sure! The website itself will adjust to your screen size, adjust the color correction and surprise you with its features. Login to your account in all cases of connection to the platform is the same!

Best Bonuses

The most common bonus option on every platform is the welcome bonus. Let’s look at this bonus with the example of Parimatch online, a platform that has been in the online betting world for a long time and has already earned a good reputation among the gaming community. And in Parimatch, the welcome bonus is 150%.

The conditions for getting the bonus are to register on Parimatch online, and make your first deposit into your account (at the moment the minimum deposit amount is 300 Indian rupees) and that’s it!

You get your first bonus! The amount of the first bonus reaches 20 000 Indian rupees. Make your first deposit today and you can get bonus funds for your bets!

Players from India

The privileges for players from India can be varied. Firstly, the platforms accept local currency and also allow withdrawals in local currency – this frees the player from problems with currency conversion and getting cash, you will be able to get your money in any local bank.

Secondly, support for payment systems that have their popularity in India. Examples include Skrill, Sticpay, Ecobank, Neteller, Webmoney, and of course Bank cards. Also, especially for residents of India are introduced to certain promotions or tournaments among players exclusively from this country. Additional bonuses and promotions allow players from India to win more, place more bets or see more broadcasts on the platform.

Sports Betting

The platforms feature hundreds of types of sports events that are popular either worldwide or exclusively in India!

Soccer and its most famous tournaments, don’t forget the World Cup is coming soon! Choose your team or player and place your first bet today. Cricket is the most popular sport for betting in India.

The sites offer services such as a comprehensive line of events, you can see the events for tomorrow or the events that will be in six months (if you already know about them). For example, in cricket, your welcome bonus will reach 20,000 Indian rupees for making your first deposit and betting on cricket. You can get it for free, you just need to make your first deposit and specify for cricket betting, that’s all!

These kinds of offers are very popular on the platforms, find your favorite sport and look for information about promotions in the “Bonuses and offers” section.

But remember, every amount of bonus cash is represented by a certain wagering. For example, for cricket, these are bets with odds of at least 1.5 and you will have to make a betting turnover that will be 5 times the bonus amount. Look for your offer and start betting!

Bookmakers and Advertising

Bookmakers always make sure that as many people as possible know about them. For this purpose, the companies cooperate with world stars who have popularity not only in the territory of India but also all over the world.

The most prominent example is Sanny Leone, who communicated directly through the screen with the users of the site, she watched a match and cheered for one of the teams, and during the breaks, she answered questions from the players via online chat.

Sanny posted a contract with the platform on her social media, and most viewers were surprised, but so many people stopped by to see the platform and some even became regular customers. Also, companies cooperate with teams from different sports, which next to their logo at tournaments shows the logo of their sponsor, i.e. the company – a bookmaker.

This way of advertising allows you to get a big audience and also proves that the company can be trusted because the clubs or international stars will not spoil their reputation and enter into contracts with just anyone, everyone knows that they are choosing companies for cooperation very carefully! This is a good way to raise your level among other companies and show your promotions and bonuses to the whole world!

Support Service

The support department operates in every bookmaker’s office because the customer always has questions! If you can’t access your account, there are problems with registration on the platform, you do not understand how to make a bet – no problem!

The customer support consultant will always help you find a solution to your problem or answer all your questions. Write or call and your problem will be solved. There are four ways to contact customer service:

Online Chat

Located on the main page of the official site and presented in the form of correspondence between the player and the consultant. The waiting time for the answer is from 1 minute to 1 hour.


Each site has a section “Information”, in which you will find the e-mail address of the support service. The waiting time for a response is from 1 hour to 7 days, so email should be used if you have a major problem or if the solution to your problem can wait.

Phone Call

Some betting companies have a direct support phone number in their contact information and you can call it for free! (depends on where you live). The waiting time for an answer is from 1 minute up to 2 hours.

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